Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Special Guests

This month we have been enjoying the visits of two special guests.  Our first one is Samantha Adcock, our physician's assistant intern.  She is studying at Harding University and will graduate in December.  We offer an rotation here to any of the Harding senior PA students who speak Spanish.  She has done a great job seeing our patients and learning about the health care system here in Guatemala. Last week she went with her host family to visit someone in the national hospital and got to see first hand the scaled-down approach to inpatient care  (especially in the intensive care unit).  

Samantha, second from the right in the OR down at Clinica Ezell.  

Sam and Lisa in the cornfield.

Our next visitor is Michelle Goff of the Iron Rose Sister Ministries.  Michelle came down to teach a women's seminar for local area church members, covering the book of Philippians and the reality of depression and anxiety in a Christian's life and ways to address it.  We really appreciate her approach to teaching with lots of group participation and interaction.  Several women have commented on how much the material has opened their eyes and helped them see how God's word is applicable and reliable in our world still.

Michelle and Lisa in the cornfield!  Michelle jumped right in to clinic with  us on Saturday and prayed with patients after their consults.

Michelle and our translator extraordinaire, Maria Panjoj. 

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Sheri said...

Great post! You guys are spending a lot of time in the cornfields! How many patients in Chuchipaca?