Friday, August 14, 2015

Healing the Sick and Afflicted

As we mentioned, things have been hopping around here lately.  We are having heavy turnout at our Caris clinics lately, including people from 2-3 hours away.  Kemmel reminded folks of our weekly satellite central clinics in Saquilla, Chicua I, Mactzul I and Chuchipaca.  In addition to medical consults, our evangelist Gaspar has had lots of visits and invites to give classes in several areas lately. One pastor from another town invited him to come give an introductory class on Celebrate Recovery, which was a big success and was invited to come back with more.  Gaspar has been so helpful in Caris clinic when we have patients that need more followup spiritually.  He chats with them, gets to know the issues that they are facing, prays with them and makes an appointment to visit in the home if the family is in agreement.  On clinic days he has been relegated to the lab/sterilization room or kitchen as the only space available for semi-private conversation.  So, when the Eastside Church of Christ team came down, one of their projects was to put up a prayer gazebo for some added peaceful, private space. It has been a hit with patients and with Gaspar.  Thanks, Alan Austin and Wally Westlake and the generous congregation at Eastside!  We hope to get some greenery trailing up those trellis walls soon.

Part of our Eastside team after a long day of painting the clinic rooms and construction of the prayer gazebo.

Doesn't that look inviting?  

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