Monday, August 10, 2015

Catchin' Up

We have definitely fallen off of the writing wagon lately.  And it's not for lack of things to report. So we will have to claim being extra busy or lazy or both!  We have been seeing a steady increase in our clinic sizes lately and we are not sure why, but are very pleased.  Also, we have been notified by several churches in the area of  baptisms in the last month or two.  At least 15 new Christians that we know of.  We got to witness 8 baptisms from Mactuzul I last week, most ABC program teens and some young adults as well.

Last week we thoroughly enjoyed some fellowship, work and pampering from our home congregation group from Eastside Church of Christ.  They put together some fantastic school programs to present with the help from our scholarship students, and did some maintenance and construction work we needed at the clinic, and went out on community visits to deliver new water filters to ABC families.
School program at Chucalibal.  

Kade, Nathaniel and McClain getting ready behind the curtain.

Juanito, Tomas and Maria.  These kids were a hit!
Joining the team this year was Roxanne Tallon who is one of the volunteer counselors at Eastside. She gave a great workshop for our teaching scholarship students and ABC comunnity coordinators on how to provide a good learning environment for kids.

Roxanne setting up her door prize table!

Our class divided into groups to prepare presentation of info
We are suffering through a very dry rainy season this year.  A lot of people's corn crops are looking sad, and the ones that look good are probably going to have small ears of corn according to some folks.  So while we enjoy the warm sunny days, and the beautiful flowers and blackberries it is a little concerning to think about the future market prices for corn and other crops this coming year.

Flowers are loving the hot weather!

Sheri spent a week down at Clinica Ezell working with the cleft lip and palate babies as they prepared for and had their surgeries.  She reports a good week of hard work, but said the heat was so intense due to lack of rain, that the patients were lying on the tile floors to try to stay cool.  That's HOT, folks!  For some great pictures of the Ezell surgery week and our Eastside team check out Sheri's blog

Thanks for the prayers and encouragement you always send our way!

Blackberries showing off this week!  Yummy!

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