Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Time Away

We recently spent some time in the States visiting our supporting congregations Eastside Church of Christ in Colorado Springs, CO and Meadowbrook Church of Christ in Jackson, MS.  We were treated like royalty in both places, much more so than we deserve. We felt like we had not even been gone, jumping back into fellowship just like before. But on the other hand we could see and feel little differences in the atmospheres of the churches--for the good.  We felt a warmth and welcoming spirit that extended to all who were there, and a growing diversity of membership that must be a beautiful thing for God to see.

Our time away also included a brief but great visit with some of our family in the States and with Kemmel's dad and brother in Chile. Chile was a relaxing break from the road tripping we did in the States, and we enjoyed the change of culture and scenery and outstanding bread and empanadas!. It's funny how experiencing different cultures allows you to appreciate your own in a new light--the good, the bad and the ugly.  And it makes us think about how God must really get a kick out of watching how many different ways we humans figure out how to live life!

We made it back to Guatemala after just 5 weeks away and we could already see changes and newness from when we left.  Graduation season swooped in and all of a sudden we had 9 kids just from the ABC program graduating from high school.  That is a giant leap from when we first stared here and knew of one kid in high school from the area churches.  We also got word of several baptisms in the area and one in particular of a patient contact from our clinic--always joyful news.

Our team did a great job running things and we are grateful to Dr. Mike and Julie Kelly for filling in at clinic and house/cat sitting for us!  We really enjoyed talking to them after our return to get their view of how things had changed in Guatemala since their time here in the '80s and '90s.

Time away is blessing in may ways but we especially love the change of view that it gives you on reentry! So here we are, back in the swing of things and thankful for our work, our supportive families and church families.  Thank you, Lord!

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