Monday, September 29, 2014

Mobile Medical Brigade with Memorial Road Church of Christ

We have a great group of friends in the Memorial Road Church of Christ!  Every year this group along with some faithful extras from Texas and Tennessee and Georgia come down to work with us and visit.  This year we changed up their schedule from November to September and they were so flexible!  Our goal was to get most of our ABC kids through their well child checkups to finish the year and we were very successful.  Also we had several scholarship kids and applicants come by for their board member interviews with Mike Duncan and Dr. Robert Lamb.
Here are some photos from the week.  Thanks to Susan Mellor for putting together all the team pics! And check out Sheri's blog for more

Jordan waitin' in line with the kiddos

Babystter's club

Terry, Tomas and Enrique pondering how we will get everything in the trucks.

Dr. Haller and Julie ready to roll!

Dave and Jaime hauling the mobile dental compressor

4-wheelin' for Jesus!
Alyx showing off her professional skills

Jessica, Dave, Susan, Lisa, Barb, Dr. Haller, and Donna--up and at 'em early!

"Hey, if we have to have clean hands, we might as well have fun!"

Our star team!

Yummy!  They know gringos will eat fried chicken!   Dr. Mike Kelly:  I hadn't had fried chicken in years, and now I've had it 4 times in the last 3 days!

Mike Duncan--pharmacist extrordanaire!

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Mark Brewer said...

Sounds like another great work. Thanks for sharing this update and these pictures.