Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Gettin' Ready

This month is flying by as we get ready for our visiting mobile medical/dental team and look forward to heading to the States to visit supporting congregations and to Chile to visit Kemmel's dad.  These last couple of days we've also been meeting with our director Rick Harper to make plans for 2015 and review our operations in general. Please be praying for us at Health Talents to be good stewards of what God has given us and to reflect God's love as we serve.
Our team coming down will be helping us do well child check ups on the ABC kids.  We offer two checkups a year in this program to help monitor nutrition and growth and also get a chance to give some health education to the families.  We'll pick up our team today and head on up to Chichicastenango, starting clinics tomorrow.  There will be 4 teams going out on Thursday--that's a lot of meds and equipment to prepare--but our staff has been working hard to get ready!

We are also excited to host Dr. Mike and Julie Kelly this month.  They were missionaries here in Guatemala when Kemmel and I came down as MET mission interns in 1990!  I must say, we all really looked up to them and now feel so honored to work with them this week.  Dr. Kelly will be covering my clinics in October while we go to the States.

So this morning, we are relaxing a little--Kemmel taking advantage of a swim in the olympic-sized pool down in Zone 4 here in Guatemala City, and I sipping coffee and cruising the web.  Then it's off to pick up ice, drinks, lunch and the team!  We'll post some pics later this week.

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