Saturday, November 29, 2014

October - November Acitvities in Photos

Beyond our normal clinic activities we are very blessed to be involved in many different activities with the local churches and families, including youth conferences, weddings, Thanksgiving services, area wide worship services, baptism services, anniversary celebrations and the list could go on.  Enjoy the photos...

Chichicastenango Youth Conference in October

Young men from Xepocol enjoying the youth conference

Each youth events now includes various acapella singing groups that have formed over the years, mostly in the last 2 years.  Recently, another youth conference held in Paxot III included around 10 different groups.  We were unable to attend but have heard great things.  Some of the young people below are in the ABC program and were in the ABC program and scholarship program.

Gaspar had the privilege of officiating 2 weddings of previous ABC yound people - one in La Palma and one in Las Cuevas - This is from Las Cuevas.

This is about as happy as people look for photos, but they really are happy.   :)

Area-wide  Worship Service in Mactzul VI.  Packed house!  They report this as a 3-bull conference which means they had to slaughter 3 bulls to feed everyone.

Graduation of Gaspar's youngest son - Josue.  He is off to the BICA Bible Institute this coming year.

Ladies from the community of San Jorge who once knew former missionaries Roger and MaryBeth, who Gaspar has been studying with and want to reconcile with the the church in San Jorge.  The church there continues to grow and mature.

7th Annivesary of the Children's Sunday School classes in Chuchipaca
 Parable of the Prodigal Son

 Parable of the Talents

Young people who have graduated from the Children's Bible Program

The two girls with their hands covering their mouths are twins.  Even some of their mannerisms are identical!

 Sunday School teachers honored
 Cesar from Chuchipaca who started the Sunday school vision
Gaspar and Manuel in Zacualpa for Baptisms of young people Gaspar has been teaching 

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  No picture here, but the church in Chichicastenango also had a baptism service for 5 people a couple of days before!
 Our coworker Tomas was also involved in baptism in Mactzul V - 2 ABC young people and another young man.  
Graduation and Thanksging service in Mactzul III for the Ricac family who had a son and daughter graduate from high school.

With waiters even!
Wedding of Josefina Lux and Randy Cole

Tiny bride's maid, niece of the bride--these weddings are long and sometimes you get hungry!

Dra. Aura Alvarez Osorio!  Our newly-minted dentist!  

Diego getting his high school diploma with a dream to study to be an architect.

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