Thursday, December 25, 2014

Happy Holidays!

We are enjoying some time road-tripping to visit family. Is there anything more fun than road-tripping?!  We celebrated Christmas today in Phoenix, AZ with warm weather and family--a good time had by all.  Yesterday we saw St. Vincent at the movies (great movie!) and went hiking at Pinnacle Peak State Park to work off some of the extra cookies and nonsense we've been enjoying! The trails wind around a large hill of boulders and look out over the other surrounding desert mountains. Beautiful!  There were lots of folks enjoying the hike, including two brothers who travel around in "The Van with No Plan"  We were definitely intrigued and had to look them up on facebook.  Going to have to give that a try sometime!
Tomorrow we are off to Texas to continue the holiday celebrations and get to enjoy some yummy green chile along the way in Albuquerque! Merry Christmas, everyone.  May God bless you with peace this coming year.

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