Monday, August 11, 2014

Words From a Thankful Dad

Iglesia de Cristo, Mactzul I--promotion to Youth Group day. 

One of the ABC dads came by to talk to Kemmel and get some career counseling advice for his high school-aged son.  During the chat he mentioned some of the things that he and other parents had been saying about the program:

"We are really thankful for what the ABC program has done to help our kids.  Everyone is  noticing that they are so much healthier than they used to be, and than we ever were at their age.  Not only that, we are happy to see how much further they have gotten in their studies because of the program.  We are so grateful to the sponsors and to Health Talents for what they do for our kids and our families."

So, for all you ABC sponsors out there, a heartfelt MALTIOX CHIWE!--GRACIAS!--THANK YOU!

If you would like information on how to become an ABC sponsor or scholarship contributor please go to our Health Talents International webpage.

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