Saturday, August 2, 2014

Sunny Days and New Souls Added to the Church

Can you believe it's August already???  Our weather and climate around here has been pretty crazy, just as it has in the States.  Although we should be in the middle of the rainy season, we are struggling through a dry spell that might take its toll on this year's corn crop.  Hopefully the clouds will get the hang of things again soon. 
However, lack of rain makes for beautiful sunny days, and yesterday was perfect for a baptismal service and celebration.  We were invited out to Mactzul II to celebrate the new birth of 9 new Christians.  Two of them were a couple who we had evangelized in clinic a few months ago and the church began visiting afterward--we are always honored to see fruit of the clinic work!  This couple was formerly very active in the Mayan traditional religion and resistant to hearing the gospel. But as is frequently the case, illness and worries bring many people to look for spiritual truth. 
Here are some photos from the day.

Our trek down to the river--about 20 minutes away.

River all dammed up ready for the baptism.  One of the elders even made a public service announcement for everyone to pick up their trash rather than tossing it along the banks--progress!

Our friends and coworkers Juana, Tomas, and Sebastian.

Two elders from a neighboring congregation with the honors today.

Our new brother in Christ, Tomas.

Another new sister, Josefa.

My picture-taking buddy, Jessica--she helped me snap some good ones.

Here's one of Jessica's prize-winning photos.  :)

Poinsettia tree tricked into full bloom (about 2-3 months early) due to the dry sunny weather.

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