Monday, August 25, 2014

Passed Muster!

Last week we got a call from a co-worker in the Captial who had been notified by the health department that they were trying to find our Clinica Caris in Lemoa to do an inspection.  He said they had sounded  a little irritated that they couldn't find us.  So Kemmel called the inspector and was told that they would be by first thing in the morning and to be waiting for them on the highway at the exact kilometer marker so they didn't lost again.
Well, were pretty worried and slept fitfully wondering what they would look for, etc. (especially since our license renewal is a little overdue). 
We got up early and headed to the clinic, double checking everything we could think of, praying, and biting our nails, waiting for them to show upwhile patients standing in line watched us run around like crazy people. 
Finally they showed up--four health officials with checklists and thankfully big friendly smiles.  They toured the clinic areas, explaining what they look for and gave us the thumbs up and commended us on the cleanliness and orderliness of the site.  Then they gave us some paperwork signed and sealed that we would have had to go get at the health department office in order to renew our sanitary license, so that was a huge blessing! 
They swooped out as quickly as they swooped in and left us feeling like we had just finished a week of finals!  I don't think we've been than nervous in a long time.  Thank you, Lord for helping us and guiding us and for the little breaks sometimes!

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Marie Agee said...

Way to go! You guys are the best!!