Wednesday, February 12, 2014

New ABC Communities for 2014

Over the past few months we have been speaking to some new communities about entering the ABC program and we are glad to announce that at least three congregations from the highlands will we be entering in 2014.  Many of you who have visited know these communities, as we have been working with some of them for years. These new communities are Chijtinimit (they have the unforgettable climb from the road up to their building), Chutzurob I and Chuchipaca II.

For those new to our blog or Health Talents International, the ABC Program is a child sponsorship program that we would define as a shared responsibility program designed to build leaders for the church and the community. We encourage the churches to get involved with the child and their family to help keep the child in church and school with the goal of finishing through high school if possible, or to go further than their parents did.

We would consider the program an overall success and have many examples to demonstrate that success, including higher retention rates in schools, less children failing classes, more involvement of the churches and formation of bible classes, numerous graduated teachers, bookkeepers and even a graduated physician.  In addition several churches that have grown by more than 50-100% in size.  And each year we see more positive outcomes and more church involvement in local ministry to the community.  For more information, please see the Health Talents International website ( or write us.

We now have more than 50 children pending sponsors, so please pray about being part of this program or expanding your involvement in the lives of these families.

Here are some photos of our the church buidlings to jog your memory, pictures of our process and pictures of some of the children we would like to mentor to become leaders in their communities and families.

 Chuchipaca - our Saturday clinics
 Oldie but goodie - Chutzurob with Juan who worked with us.  He is doing good, active in the church, started a small pharmacy in his community and we see him about once a month.

 Eastside Group from Colorado Springs in front of Chijtinimit Church (the "small" climb)

 Manuel, Ceci and Martina getting family info

Lisa and Laurie gathering family info after seeing patients

Some kids/teenagers from Chuchipaca

Some kids and moms from Chutzurob

Some Kids from Chijtinimit

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