Monday, February 3, 2014

Enjoying Life

Today has been a great day of catching up around the house and yard, and enjoying homemade cooking.  Burgers and black bean salsa and lemon pudding cake on the menu tonight!
We ran to the City on Friday night to get some errands done and pick up a visiting intern--Laurie Bennie.  Yesterday headed out to Paxot II where Laurie is being hosted by Manuel and Juana's family.
Laurie about to dive into her soup and tortillas.  She made sure to eat two tortillas so her host mom wouldn't worry about her health!
 So we got to show her around the countryside and introduce her to her large host family.  The kids were thrilled to have a guest with them--to say the least.  They showed us their stuffed fox and posed for crazy pics. 
"What does the fox say?"  Not too much anymore!  Edgar, Roxana and Sara hamming it up.

After tasty beef soup lunch we headed to worship services--it's sure hard to stay awake after a big lunch--but somehow we managed to avoid getting tapped by the brother with the "wake up" stick!  Kemmel says we must have special gringo privileges kind of like the elders.  Ha ha!  After church we enjoyed coffee time and made our way back home.  It's been a good restful weekend and we are ready for a busy week at clinic and church meetings.  Have a good week!

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