Wednesday, February 5, 2014

La Palma / Las Cuevas Thanksgiving Service and Baptisms

While trying to schedule the next clinic in the community of La Palma at the beginning of the year, the church notified us that they had a scheduling conflict as the church in La Palma along with the church in Las Cuevas was planning a Thanksgiving service and some baptisms on the same day.  

This presented a great oppurtunity for our team as the church invited us to join them and to assist in the services.  We mostly only see some of the communities we work with during our clinic environment and we are trying to open up to other possibilities to be a part of the local congregation.  These 2 communities are very rural and do not get much exposure to outside teaching, so we jumped at the possibilities.  The local team is very flexible and have a desire to help the churches grow in all ways possible.  Thus, Cesar volunteered to preach, Tomas and Enrique volunteered to help with the worship service and Gaspar, Mario and Sara scheduled a visit with one of the local families.

They also asked Gaspar and Tomas to assist with the baptism as they are both elders in their respective churches.

Great Day!

Tomas starting the worship service.

Crowd at the house of a member who is having a thanksgving service for the blessings of her family.

Enrique leading singing.. 
 Cesar giving a message
 Down at the river

 Antolino baptism
Domingo baptism
 Maria baptism

 Sara baptism

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