Friday, December 7, 2012

Children's Anniversary Mactzul V

On Saturday, Dec 1 we had the honor of attending the 2nd anniversary of the children's bible classes in Mactzul V.  This church started children's classes about 4 years ago and over the years the program has grown to having different classes for different age groups and the number of teachers has grown from 1 to six.  Here are some pictures of the activities:

Joel preached about God being our source of refuge and comfort in difficult times.  Joel is planning with another family to work as a missionary outside of Antigua.

Juan Sebastian from Mactzul V (sitting down) was the master of ceremony for the day and standing up is Marvin from Mactzul VI leading singing.

Tomas from Mactzul V and Diego Samuel from Mactzul V leading singing.

Acapella singing group from Mactzul I directed by the ABC coordinator, Tomas.  ABC students in the group are Jose Anibal, Tomas Gabriel and Elias from Mactzul I.

Second Acapella singing group from Mactzul II.  This was the most experienced group and they also assisted us in leading worship during the ABC Celebration held on Dec 4 and Dec 5.

This is a men's quartet from Mactzul V.  They did a great job!

Diego German from Mactzul V leading singing.  Armando Ismael is the teacher of the younger children.

Jose Erickson from Mactzul V leading signing.

Geber Tomas of Mactzul V leading a prayer

Everaldo from Mactzul V, son of promoter Tomas, leading singing

Clown activities and fun!

The kids presented a drama on Noah and the ark.

Children's education teachers from Mactzul V - Diego Samuel, Armando Ismael, Ana Elizabeth, Brenda Amalia and Pedro.  They did a great presentation for the families and the children!

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