Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Team Work

The countdown has begun for the last few weeks of of work (and the end of the world by the way). These tend to be the most hectic as well with heavy clinics, planning for the coming year, church activities and of course the year-end ABC Celebration. This year the the ABC event will be over 2 days with about 1100 people attending.  Sheri has offered to update all of our photos for the 376 ABC kids in the program as well as any families who want to pay for a portrait.  That's going to be a lot of pictures! 
Today we had the high school and scholarship students over to our house to plan out our craft stations. They were a great help and we got everything organized and ready for action. A big thanks to our supporting congregation Eastside Church of Christ for donating all of the craft materials and ideas for the event! Afterward we ordered chinese food (yeah, can you believe we have that here???) for 28 people--yum!

Here is a rare photo of Sheri.  While she is always johnny-on-the-spot with her camera, she usually finds a way to escape being photographed herself!  This one's for you, Ginny!

"Hey you know all those 700 bags you filled with pens?  I need the pens for the other groups' activity..."

Preparing lesson and the colored visors for the "Think on these things..." craft. Kind of a lavender gansta look going on there.

Poster work and lots of supervisors!

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