Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Road Work Ahead

We have this piece of highway right down the road from us that is falling in little by little.  The bad part is the drop is roughly a 900 ft sheer cliff (that's right, about 3 football fields down).  Earlier this rainy season half of the highway fell so they made a nice little guardrail for the remaining one-lane stretch of road.  Well, now you can see where part of the "good" road is getting ready to fall as well.  Finally the government has placed some importance on this (it is the main highway through Quiche) and began to carve out another road after haggling with land owners.  One night last week a truck came through(probably playing chicken with another oncoming vehicle and got stuck in the ditch, obstructing the one "good" lane.  So around 0600 the buses started piling up and honking.  The traffic had to go around, using the new road which was full of mud still. Good times! This is the photo coverage Kemmel got early the next morning of the traffic jam that ensued.  We had to leave our our truck at home and walk past the jam so Dr. Marcos our dentist could pick us up and take us to clinic.  Now if they could just finish the work--that hole is getting big!
The rocks mark the latest unstable area.

The crazy part is cars kept trying to squeeze past the truck--driving over the crumbling section.
One of many buses that had to pass through the newly dug road.

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