Wednesday, September 26, 2012

It's Catching

Clinics this week seem to have a dermatology theme. One baby came in with molluscum contagiosum (like a soft wart) and mom says several of the kids in the family have it. We saw an outbreak of impetigo in several families in one town and today scabies in an 85 year old lady who rotates staying with 5 of her kids' families.  She has 37 potential sources/contacts so, needless to say I didn't send home treatment for everyone.  I treated her and asked her to send someone from each family to clinic so we can get the whole family taken care of.  Yikes!  I'm itching all over!
After clinics we have been having meetings with the churches to get their approval for sex ed classes.  When we first started talking about this a couple of months ago, there were rumblings of discontent over the idea and the ABC coordinators were reluctant to schedule.  But so far everyone has been very supportive.  Today the elders even spoke up and said they were wholeheartedly for it and thanked us for the offer.  After they spoke up everyone raised their hands in agreement with the classes.  So maybe enthusiasm is catching too!

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