Sunday, September 9, 2012

Harvest Time

Gaspar and our new brother in Christ Manuel
It's Fall in the northern hemisphere and here in Central America while we don't get to see the autumn leaves, we also have a harvest time approaching.  The corn its tall in the fields and ears of corn are getting fat.  The squashes and beans are making more of a presence in the market and the wildflowers colors dominating are orange and yellow and red.  Beautiful!
We are also enjoying seeing the fruit of spiritual harvest around here.  The church in Mactzul V which has been dedicated in visiting and praying with the sick in their community had four baptisms last week.  We also got to do a home visit with a lady who has been sick for a month and was too weak to climb up to the church building for clinic.  The elders and evangelists there have been visiting  and teaching her and asked if we would come down and check on her.  What a blessing to be a part of that work.  Her family called the church leaders to let them know how appreciative they were of the care their mother was receiving from the church.  We hope she too will give her life to Christ soon.
In Xepol, where we have clinic as well, a family has been converted after many visits and prayer in times of trouble and illness.  The family are patients that Sheri has taken care of in clinic for several years now, and the church has faithfully taken time to further reach them.

In Choacaman, one of our long-time patients, Manuel has also come to Christ and yesterday was baptized. This family is precious to us and for many years we have visited them in their home, prayed with them and for them. Here are the pictures that Gaspar, our evangelist took. We know God is pleased to see His kingdom grow we are proud to work with so many loving, outreaching churches.

Shall we gather at the river?  They chose a place with a natural hot springs.
Martin taking Manuel's confession.

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