Monday, August 1, 2011

Family Fun

This last week my sister and brother-in-law Anna and Charlie Ferrell came to visit all the way from Hennessey, Oklahoma! We spent a few days working in clinic and then took a long weekend to do some sight seeing at the lake and in Antigua. It was such a treat having them here with us, and we were sad to see them go. Of course they were probably even sadder once they got back to 100 degree days after spending a week in the cool rainy season!

Here's a few pics from our week together.

Anna is wearing Gaspar's wife's, Juana, new digs to be used at the graduation on their 2 sons from high school - Noe and Manuel.  This will make 3 high school graduates in Gaspar's family!

Charlie and Anna in Xepocol 

Anna hard at work!  Lisa pulled a tooth this last week.  Lisa is still glad she is not a dentist.  :) 

 Doing the tie down. 

 In Antigua at the central park fountain

At the ruins of Hotel Santo Domingo.  Kemmel got to escape and have the car washed.  :)  Been there too many times...

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