Thursday, August 4, 2011

Baptism Last Wednesday

Last Wednesday we had the privilege to attend part of the baptism service in the town of Mactzul V of the man and his wife we spoke of a couple of posts ago.  It was a rainy day but a great day!  Here are some pictures of Jeronimo and his wife Josefa.

One of the joys of being here is attending baptism services as they are always a pretty big event and take up most of the day with the service and then a celebration communion afterwards.  Unfortunately this time we had to miss the celebration communion.

With elders from the church in Mactzul V.  Don Jeronimo wanted to celebrate with his traje after he was baptized.

One of our favorite grandmothers from Mactzul V encouraging our new brother and sister.

The little girl in the green blouse is their granddaughter - Josefina Silvia - who is in the ABC program. 

God is good!

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