Wednesday, July 20, 2011

The power of the gospel!

This evening I received a call from Tomas Garcia from Mactzul V (Quinto).  Many who read this blog have visited the church of Mactzul V and know Tomas Garcia who is one of the HTI promoters.  Mactzul V started as a small church and many remember the small adobe building they used to have and now have seen the large building they are working on.



This call from Tomas was to tell me an exciting story of what is happening in his community and in the church.  The story started a while back when a young lady named Juana Yacon from the community came to the church because of some problems she was having with her vision as she was unable to see well.  After prayers and after visiting the clinic, this yound lady was healed and not just by medicine but by the power of God.  Later she started attending church and was later baptized into Christ and now her and her children are members of the church and one daughter Josefina Silvia Leon Yacon is part of the ABC program.  Unfortunately her husband left her even before this time. 

It turns out that Juana's father is one of the leaders in the community and as Tomas pointedly described him 'kind of like a king" - people respect him and he drives many of the activities that happen in this community as well as the traditional mayan religion.  When his daughter Juana started to come to the church he became interested and had asked the men from the congregation to come and speak with him and they did.  His attitude was to always mock the gospel and continue his traditional practices.  Now you know where this is going......

This past Saturday the man asked the church to come back (of which they probably had visited him multiple times) to talk some more about the gospel, God and christianity.  During this last meeting he accepted the gospel of Christ and wants to change his life.  He stated that he has been in the world and has been a priest for his entire life and he realizes that it has not given him the answers he has wanted in his life and he now realizes that the one answer is Christ and that he wanted to start coming to church to change his ways. 

He came to church on Sunday with his family and then yesterday after another meeting with the church stated that he wants to be baptized for the remission of his sins.  Today he indicated that he had not been able to sleep well for some time and would constantly wake up with anxiety, but last night he "went to sleep and did wake up until morning when it was time to get up."  

What a powerful testimony for this man and for the church who has shown him an example of hope and peace that can only come from our Father in heaven!  

Please continue to pray for this man and his family as they start a new life in Christ.  Also, rejoice with the church in the example they have shown in their community and to all of us.

The other side of the story is yet to come as when people started to hear that he was going to the church it kind of left everyone speechless and through his example many more may follow.

God is good.


Roger McCown said...

To those who are unfamiliar with the movement of God through the speaking of the Gospel, this may seem like an isolated event. It is not. Every day people turn from the darkness they called light to the light they formerly regarded as darkness.

Dr. Scott said...

A great example of how taking care of immediate physical needs opens the door to caring for the eternal soul. Thanks for sharing the personal example! Scott, NC.