Thursday, March 11, 2010

Pepperdine, Harding and New clinics

This past week we finished up a great week with the crew from Pepperdine University. We are always impressed with the young people that come work with us as they bring us new energy and great attitudes.

During the Pepperdine week we traveled to existing clinics with special interest given to the clinic in San Jorge, Sacapulas. We are not sure why but this is our diabetes clinic with over 80% of the patients with diabetes. We always wonder where the metformin goes and now we really know! As this clinic continues to grow we look forward to speaking with the community to see if we can expand to more than once a month. The prinicipal promoter that supports this clinic is Jose Martin, also with diabetes, continues to have many health problems so please join us in praying for him and his family.

This week we have been working with a group from Harding University Physician Assistant and Pharmacy programs. We started the week by going to Chuchipaca which is a standard clinic when we have groups as there is much need and little access to healthcare in the area. We have also had some new clinics in towns (Patzite, Chinique and Zacualpa) that we hope to start a more long term relationship. We have worked in Chinique before and have struggled with the clinic there; however, the church is still very much willing to continue and we have some new interest with people from some of the neighboring villages as well, so please pray that this clinic will begin to take hold. This is more of an urban area and we find that we must be patient and wait for patients to trickle in throughout the day. Yesterday we ended the day with 26 medical patients, 23 dental patients and 14 patients for teeth cleanings. Good day!

The days are long and we have started with the dry heat of March; however, we continue to be blessed by the people we work with, both from the US and our local Guatemalan ministry team.

Today we are off to Zacualpa to try a new clinic in the church which is located just outside town.

As Sheri says, new day, new adventure! Be sure to keep up with Sheri's blog as well -

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