Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Fruitful Labors

When we have teams come down to work with us we usually add in extra communities to our regular clinic schedule. This is always makes us a little anxious, that things go well and the church and their neighbors are satisfied with the service they've been provided. Well, thanks to the hard work that our spring break teams put in, we have three new churches wanting to offer regular clinic ministry to their towns. This was a surprise as all three of these clinics had mediocre numbers of patient turnout. But all them were very happy with the professional, compassionate care they received and signed on as permanent ministry partners.

Thanks to our visiting teams from Pepperdine, Harding, and Abilene Christian Universities and especially to Brian Cress, MD, Gary Hill, P.A., Margarita Garcia, DDS, Jeffrey Webb, DDS, Martin Johnson, MD ,Gladys Lazo, DDS and Ellen Little, MD for helping us out these last three weeks.

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