Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Holy Week

This year for Holy Week, we are actually working clinics and taking a different week off, in an effort to avoid high prices and crowds. Usually we take the week off and hang out around here with nothing to do because of the millions of people (nationals and foreigners)who descend upon the usual tourist spot around the county. So, we are having the normal clinics and have had a decent turnout. Today was San Jorge--our biggest diabetic population. Everyone but two ladies was way way out of control (300 blood sugar was starting to look normal). We asked one lady if she was watching her diet and avoiding all the bread and honey that is tradional for Easter week, she said, "well tomorrow I'm having some!"

It was a long drive out to San Jorge, and a hot one. They are in a valley about 2500-3000 feet below Chichicastenango--and the temp goes up at least 20 degrees. Needless to say we all enjoyed the cool fresh air as we climbed back up to our home in the clouds!

Tomorrow is Holy Thursday and should be full of processiones and traffic jams. Thankfully we are only going out to Caris and back and will avoid the throngs followers. We barely made it through Chichi today before the big traffic jam started. Good times!

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