Saturday, June 20, 2009


Okay, so as many who have worked with me have figured out, I am a little obsessive-compulsive about how I set up our exam space--in particular the hanging sheets we use as partitions. To have perfect feng shui harmony, I need to have the folded-over part of the sheet facing the inside of the exam room and all of the hems hanging straight and nicely aligned with each other.

Feng shui nightmare
Well, today we could not get good sheet participation, and after spending a good 15 minutes hanging and re-hanging, Nathan said, "This can't be good for your OCD--you're being awfully quiet!" Well, let's just say, I got to work on stretching my mental health limits.
Anyway, it didn't stop us from seeing patients, and we took care of 2 girls with pnuemonia and one of our favorite little guys who abraded his cornea on a nail. We sent him home with antibiotic drops and a make-shift pirate's patch. Josefina will recheck his eye on Monday.
Miguel the pirate

Esther and Holly were feeling puny today with sinus trouble and gastro intestinal distress, so we got them fixed up with some meds, too.

Pizza, anyone?
Kemmel got to spend the day with the Guatemalan Board of Directors meeting in Clinica Caris this month. They hashed out ways to improve parent responsibilty in the ABC families and discussed other operational issues. We even got delivered a bag of groceries that Violeta Campos bought for us in the Capital. If there is anything better than grocery shopping in the Capital, it's sending in an order and having it delivered to your door!
Tomorrow we enjoy our Sunday morning at home and lunch with Manuel Sut's family in Paxot, before worship services.


Anna said...

When you vacuum, I bet you like straight lines. It's genetic. Nothing works right when things aren't laid out right.

Mo&We said...

...and I bet you have to have things straightened before you can work - no messy room; yeah, it's genetic.
Love, Mama

Holly said...

Oh, if I had only known what was coming when you took that picture of me....haha!