Sunday, June 14, 2009

Hill Country Living

Juan and Lucia Gonzalez
This last week we spent time living with some friends of ours (Juan and Lucia) and their 7 kids in Paxot II. This is the town where our MET students are being hosted this month. The have been gracious hosts, good conversationalists and a fun family to be around. We were impressed at how well their children behaved and how so many neighbor children liked to hang out at the house. They have a 3 room house: kitchen/2 bedrooms--one of which was occupied by us. There always seemed to be about 10-15 kids at any one time! The kitchen serves as the family room and kids were always running in and out.
On Wednesday, the favorite uncle, came by to visit. The kids went nuts as he brought in the DVD player and started playing movies. We watched Titanic, Selena, Baby's Day Out, and Pink Panther cartoons in the evenings.
Meal time was a hoot. They obviously have different eating schedules than we do. And we know that lunch is usually the biggest meal, so they must have made some adjustments for us this week. Our evening meal always involved eggs or beans or both. Which is a good thing--hard to mess up eggs. And they really know how to dress up an egg (fried, scrambled, scrambled with tomatoes and onions, boiled, in soup, in soup with fresh greens, etc.). But for breakfast, we never new what to expect. Our first morning, we started with hot cereal and bread as we waited for one of the girls to get back so mom could start the fried chicken! We had fried chicken, rice and tortillas!!! Our bellies were so full as we walked to the car, that we were out of breath. The second day, we had hot cereal with corn flakes added, bread and........pork stew with tortillas! Luckily we haven't put on any weight. What great service!
Things we missed from home: our nice soft bed, not having to walk outside in the middle of the night for a bathroom visit, hot shower every day, internet, good bread, vegetables, quiet time.
But, we will miss their company and great hospitality!

Hot and heavy marbles game with the guys

Get him, Hermano Kemmel!
Baby Selvin--so misunderstood!

Night soccer in the patio--notice the dust flying!
Could you make a tasty meal for 12 people on this stove top?
Dinner time

The cheerleading squad

Last man standing--everyone had gone to bed except Eric--he had cartoons to watch!

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