Monday, June 15, 2009

Gringo Day

Today was Gringo Half Day for our MET students. After working the morning with Drs. Josefina and Marcos, we invited them over for spaghetti lunch (and hot dogs--their request). We made cookies and sat around getting updated on emails and internet stuff and watched FoxNews. They told us about their culinary challenges of the week and gastrointestinal woes. But all in all they seem to be doing well. Tomorrow we will be doing well-child checkups on the ABC kids in Paxot II. If time permits, we will help install a test stove in the house of one of our health promoters, Manuel. It is a model from HELPS International ( ) and reportedly burns only 3 sticks of wood a day. This is a big difference from the 12-15 that most people use. Manuel agreed to install it for 6 months and let us know how it compares to their current model.

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