Saturday, May 30, 2009

Su k'ax chawe? (What sickness do you have?)

The MET students are doing a great job here with us. They tried their hand at patient interviewing with the help of our health promoters and then presented the patient to me. I was impressed that they gleaned so much information from the patient and even wrote down the chief complaint and history in Spanish on the chart! 100 puntos (A+)! They were even tuned in to emotional and inter-relational issues.

Clinic was in Chuchipaca today and we were unfortunate enough to be following a 2-day clinic offered by another group in the area. Usually this means just a handful of people, but today we had 13 loyal patients who waited until today to seek care. We are thankful that people feel comfortable coming to us and pray that they will put the same trust in the church members.

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