Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Count Down to MET

For those who are not familiar with MET, it is a program we have for college students called Medical Evangelism Training. They get a taste of what it's like to live/work in medical missions and enjoy some of the culteral differences in family life. Kemmel and I actually met as MET students way back in 1990, and this time of year brings back great memories of our own experience here and of previous years' students who have shared their summer with us.
Our students will arrive on May 16, and head to Quetzaltenango for a week of language training. After a couple of days of missiology training and orientation, they divide up into two groups, half going to Montellano working with Drs. Walter, David, Sylvia and Jessica; and the other half coming up to Chichicastenango to work with us. They will all stay with host families and work in clinics with our staff. After two weeks, they will do the switcheroo, thus being exposed to both regions. Kemmel has been working hard getting plans and families organized for the big day and says things are looking good. We pray for our students as they make this big step into the unknown, and will work to help them have a great experience with us. Keep watching for updates.

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