Sunday, May 17, 2009

Friday and Saturday Clinic

We enjoyed good clinics in Choacaman and Chuchipaca with several new patients from outside of the church. This is such a great opportunity to reach out and touch the lives of people and put them in contact with the physical body of Christ on earth. Sometimes we forget that we christians working together as a whole, are Christ's body--his actual physical presence here on earth. That is humbling and makes us think hard about what we say to people and how we react to people's problems and questions.
We had a favorite patient of ours (Sheri and I) come back for more artritis meds. He doesn't speak spanish and is very deaf. This time he brought us a section from the newspaper with photo spread of an excavated skeleton to show us exactly where his pain was. He was so serious in showing us the paper. It would have been so easy to laugh but it would have hurt his feelings. It was helpful and it is good to see someone working to empower himself to communicate his needs.

This next couple is from the church and had never been to clinic. They were really appreciative to get their medicine and came back after their pharmacy visit to thank us again. What a great job we have sometimes!

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