Wednesday, July 13, 2016

New Medical and Dental Clinic in Town of Chajbal

Today we started a new clinic in the Church of Christ of Chajbal, Quiche.  Chajbal is located just north of Santa Cruz del Quiche on the highway and this church is a church plant from the Zone 4 Church of Christ in Santa Cruz del Quiche.  The church here opened within the last 5 years, but may have been meeting in a home for some time before that.  We came here for clinic the first time about 12 years ago when we were on a scouting trip with the HTI Board and Dr. Feliciano Lux.  During that time we only had clinic in the home of one of the local brethren.

We have wanted to try a clinic ministry here for quite some time and received a phone call from one of the elders about 4 months ago that they would be interested in starting a clinic in Chajbal.  They had not in the past as there were some other services being offered through another church and they did not want to be in competition.  Apparently these other services have stopped which provided an opportunity for the church to offer services to their community  We were not ready to start at the time, but since we have stayed in communication and met last month to set the date and here we are.  So far so good and there appears to be good interest in the clinic.  They had requested a once a month clinic which is pretty standard in this area.  If it works out and the need and want exists we pray that we can make this twice a month or even weekly as it would be a good location and central to a few larger communities including Santa Lucia La Reforma which is on the border of Quiche and Totonicapan.

Please join us in praying for this community, future patients and future people interested in hearing the gospel.  This clinic will be a primary clinic for Sheri and for Andrea and Lisa will fill in as needed when Sheri has other activities scheduled.

 Apparently no one wanted to stand to close to each other!

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