Saturday, July 9, 2016

Action Bible Story Books

Recently we had some Action Bible Story books donated via a christian organization here in Guatemala.  We met with different churches to ask about the interest in using them for Bible Classes and most everyone was pretty interested.  So we created a small list of guidelines on how they should be used and asked all the churches to agree to use them in the same way.  Over the last 2 months we have distributed close to 800 of these story books to about 15 different churches here in the highlands, most with an ABC program and a couple that are not in ABC yet.  These story books will be used in Bible classes, reading assignments, dramas, etc.  Many of these classes are now taught by previous or current ABC students and/or scholarship students.  Please help us pray that this will be a successful program and will provide enthusiasm in the church to learn more about the life of Jesus.

Part of the program is that each church must submit a report and also photos on the program demonstrating progress.  We are currently entering the reporting period and hope to have more to share later.

Here are some photos from one of the congregations, Paxot II.

This is the picture with the Bible class teachers Tomas (white shirt - ABC 10th grade), Manuel (hidden in the back - ABC University) and Tomasa (back right - ABC 11th grade).

Another picture with teachers Hector (sitting in front - ABC 9th grade) and Heidi (ABC graduate).

In another news, this month we hope to start our first book box distributions to 4 churches.  This is another effort to improve the reading and language of children in ABC communities.  Each church will receive around 50 books with different selections for the age groups represented in their church.  This our answer to a book mobile since we cannot afford another truck (and we do not want another truck).  Each church will keep the book box for 4 months and then we will pass one to another church.

Thank you for your continued support and thanks to all of you who have helped donate books to the book box program.  Please keep sending books!

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