Saturday, June 18, 2016

Rural Medicine

We had a clinic full of interesting cases yesterday including psoriasis, chest pain--sent in to the hospital to rule out an infarct, cervical cancer--the patient hadn't gone for her consult in the hospital yet after getting diagnosed 4 months ago, thyroid cancer ( a large thyroid mass and multiple large lymph nodes on the ultrasound, probable chronic lymphoma, and a baby with imperforated anus and colostomy needing money for her family to take her back for her follow-up in the capital.  It seemed like just when you had a "normal" sick patient, they would throw a curve ball at us.  They students have been busy helping in clinic and getting to experience the bread and butter cases and also the interesting stuff.  Part of studying/practicing medicine is realizing that common things are common (and boring) and recognizing the out of the ordinary stuff as it gallops by.  Yesterday we got our fill of interesting!
Favorite stand by task - Counting pills!  
Probably not really, but someone has to do it!
Also, planted some bougainvillea today at the clinic...

Today, our clinic was canceled in Mactzul I due to an inauguration ceremony for the new junior high school that was just built next to our clinic site. It is in it's second year of classes and we are hoping more area kids will take advantage of the opportunity.  Prior to it's opening, kids from these towns had very few options for continuing past 6th grade.  The local Catholic parish and a Catholic foundation provided funding for the building and teachers for 3 years and the eight Mactzul communities contributed the labor.  It was a full-scale celebration (the major even showed up) with worship service, fireworks, civic presentations, traditional dancing and recognition of people involved in the project, including Health Talents for helping to promote the school in the communities.  There are several local area church of Christ members on the school board and they were instrumental in helping unify the communities to work together in this project.  It was an honor to be a part of this celebration and see the fruit of work from so many churches and organizations and government representatives.  I think Jesus was enjoying it.

Church band - loud and full of life!  Head still shaking after it finished!

Very well attended Inaugaration - Maybe upwards of 700 people.

 Students from Middle School performing traditional dance.

Everyone was quite interested in the dance. 

 Included the fireworks!
Jonathan, Ethan, and Jessica taking it all in. 

 One of the representatives from the organization who financed the building.  We have known him for about 5 years now.  Very respectful towards the communities and helping them work in unity.

 Kemmel receiving a token of appreciation in the name of Health Talents.

 Priest from the Catholic Church who had the vision and started getting 
the communities together to work in unison.  

 One of the ABC program girls name queen of the school.
 Another named the queen of sports for the school.

Good day - tired at the end but good day.

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Sheri said...

Kemmel and LIsa, the students enjoyed the day at the school. They said that the activities were interesting and enjoyed hearing you talk about Health Talents. I think that clinic will continue to grow!