Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Life Lately

We have passed the one month mark with the students and life is settling into a routine of sorts.  Our interns are seeming to feel more comfortable with their host families and getting sick is no longer the unexpected outrage that it felt like in the beginning.  We have kept them busy in outpatient consults, dental visits, surgery, church events, English classes and family activities.  Ethan even reports spending the night with 100+ other people at a wedding engagement ceremony on Sunday night. They got to sit around and do the pre-wedding counseling and gift delivery arrangements and then spent the night on pine needles.  Jessica and Miranda were dressed up in local garb for church, and Brittne was invited to use the sweat house one night.  Johnathan and Mackenzie are busy learning Kiche' and hanging in there with no more illnesses for which they are grateful!

On Monday we had Gringo Day part two which was a rainy, gray day filled with sitting around talking, listening to 80's music Safety Dance  (their playlist, not ours) and trying to watch movies.
 We got through half of Avatar and realized we didn't have the rest downloaded, then after much discussion and coin flipping settled on the Count of Monte Cristo, which had subpar sound.  Our cookies were kind of a flop as well.  Welcome to Guatemala!  All in all it was a good restful day.

 Lounging around...
 Enjoying some red chile burritos and macaroni salad!

Coin toss to see what movie wins...Count of Monte Cristo, 
followed by Emperors New Groove. 

On Sunday, Kemmel and I went to church in Pacaja Xesic, where Kemmel was invited to give a class to the youth group. It was a great turnout and Kemmel talked about actively following Christ by going out and being involved in people's lives as Jesus did, rather than sitting back waiting for them to come to us. By taking chances and trusting Christ will be with us as he promised, we will be more successful in making disciples for Him. It was a great class, and we enjoyed worshiping with this church.

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