Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Spring Break

Spring time has come and brought a migration of so many different birds to the area on their way south.  We have seen some blue birds, swallows, some little yellow-breasted guys, and heard whippoorwills at night.
This season has also brought two fun groups of college kids to our area.  The Harding University and the Lipscomb University teams came down to help us with our ABC well-child checkups and water filter replacements and Bible study activities for the kids.  These student groups are hard working and a joy to serve with.  Here are some photos from their time with us.

Harding P.A. and pre-health students

Hannah, Titus and Maggie working the line of kids-- eye checks and vital signs before their consult.

Tim at the tailgate party with the kids after clinic

Still has a some growing to do!  Ahmad taking this little fellow through the vital sign stations.

Mactzul II team after a long day of check ups.
Me and Karli at the women's health clinic

Kemmel and Enrique and Carly working pharmacy and lab
Mallory working like a pro!

Katie getting good at the vision screening

Hanging out at Mactzul I

Dane making new friends
Gary and his crew enjoying Antigua after a long week.

Ear lavages are like riding a bike.  Once you learn, you never forget how! Manuel is a good teacher.

Lipscomb University
I love your hair...

Lipscomb crew directing the re-enactment of the Good Samaritan

Three legged race.  

Noah (Alan) leading his animals
Sarah Tipton, our orthopedic P.A. making sure no one gets hurt

Lisa and Freda and their star team for the day.

Gringos vs. Zacapultecos

Dr. Clint Sweitzer and his crew enjoying some grub at Xejox

4 wheelin' with Jesus (and co-pilot Addison)

Everybody loves a selfie

Add caption

Dr. Brian Cress making sure all the kids in Mactzul VI are healthy

Clinic waiting room with Freda 

Yeah, that looks like a good idea...

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