Sunday, April 10, 2016

Love Story

I love a story with a good ending, so I had to share this with you.
One of our neighbors, a lady in her 50's, has had some pretty bad experiences in the husband department.  Her first husband, who drank too much, left her and her small daughter more than twenty years ago.  Her second husband who also drinks, has been in and mostly out of their lives on a regular basis as long as we have lived here.  But recently we have noticed that our neighbor has seemed happier and even dressing up lately, and we found out that her first husband had come back into her life.  We didn't think much about it and hoped for the best for her.  Well, this week I was chatting with her and she told me about her first husband coming back after all these years.  She said when husband #1 found out that their daughter was pregnant, and that her boyfriend decided he wasn't up for family life, he came back to town and went to talk to the young man and his family.  He told them about his past and the regret he has always felt for not being a part of his family's life.  He managed to convince the young man to marry his daughter and they are now living together with their new baby.  THEN, he went to our neighbor and asked her if they could get back together.  And they did!
The End (for now).
What a powerful God to be able to redeem something painful from the past and mold it into something beautiful.

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Nice, very nice.