Tuesday, June 9, 2015

El Mal de Mayo (May Sickness)

Giardia cysts and trophoblasts.  Foto credit: Fun With Microbiology at http://thunderhouse4-yuri.blogspot.com/
So around here it is commonplace to see a spike in the diarrhea cases around May-early June.  It probably has a lot to do with the start of the rainy season and the (extra) contamination of the water sources and the uptick in fly populations; but really who knows where these things come from. When researching the phenomenon there is not much information about the predominant organisms--just the usual suspects of coliforms,  and possible Norwalk or Rotaviruses or cyclospora and other water-borne parasites like giardia and amoebas .  Despite having filtered water and trying to be careful with our produce, we have both manged to come down with some bugs. Kemmel had a fever for 4 days straight and then we both got hit with our old friend giardia.  Both the disease and the treatment are hard to weather, but we got through it and are finally back up to speed.
Our poor students have had similar maladies but also seem to be improving. In fact one of the students has been nicknamed "Gregardia".  Now they are convinced the medicine is what is making them sick--it is pretty bad.   Sometimes you get so down, thinking you will never feel normal again, and you start wishing you were a little kid so your mom can take care of you! We have been praying for God to heal us and also heal our missionary friends who struggle as well. We would appreciate you remembering us all in prayer.

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