Sunday, June 14, 2015


We are half way through our time with the MET students and time is flying by.  We joined up with the other half of the team from the Coast to meet at Lake Atitlan for a time of rest, sharing of stories and allaying each other's fears about the change in host families and work environment.  Each team spends half their time in the Highlands and the other half in the Boca Coasta region.  They share host families, so it is fun to hear them tell each other about how their time went and special life hacks that make for a smoother stay.  They are also full of stories about our patients and staff and how they were able to get involved in the work.
Our time at Lake Atitlan was started off with purchasing some yummy snack foods before taking a speedboat over to Santa Cruz La Laguna where we would stay the night.  Then we dropped off our stuff and hiked hillside trails about an hour and 15 minutes to the town of Tzununa to have lunch at Lomas de Tzununa.
Then after a quick boat ride back to the guest house we chilled for the afternoon and evening. The next day started off lazy and relaxing as we got ready to split up again for the next 2 1/2 weeks.
This is a pretty good team!
"they are so nice, they even let  me choose bread instead of tortillas for dinner"

"okay, so the permethrin thing doesn't do anything for the bedbugs, but if you make a dilute spray of  tea tree oil to use around your bed, you'll be set!"

Making our way across the lake.

I guess they needed to de-stress a little.

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