Saturday, March 1, 2014

New Clinic Pocohil

This month we have started a few new clinics in areas that are more populated and are located on what we would consider major roads in the area of Chichicastenango.  One of these clinics is in Pocoil and the house of Manuel.  Many who have visited either Chichi or Clinica Ezell know Manuel as he works with us as a tri-lingual translator.  We began speaking with Manuel last year regarding the interest in his community and after reviewing the ideas with the community leaders and receiving an approval, we started the first clinic on Feb 21st.

Pocoil is located up a different mountain road than any clinics we have ever served so it is new territory for us.  Yesterday was our second clinic and so far we are getting interest and people are passing the word around.  We are always amazed about how many people want prayers and how many people would like for us to follow-up and pray for them in their home and how many churches do not practice this.  In each clinic (all clinics) our ministry staff speak and counsel multiple people who are experiencing family struggles, violence, or anxiety.

Please pray with us that God will be glorified through this new clinic and we will be able to bring His compassion and mercy to people who need it just as much as we do and that God will raise up more local people in this area to serve as ministers with us.

Here are some pictures of the clinic.

This is Manuel, whose family is the host of this clinic and graciously opens his home as a service to his community.  A great, humble servant.

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Sheri said...

I am so excited that this clinic got started. I can not wait to see it!