Thursday, March 6, 2014

InterMissions Partnerships

Last year we started partnering with Jennifer Hoines, a physical therapist with ASELSI, who has founded an organization called Therapy Clinics International, to provide physical therapy services in the central clinics held at Clinica Caris.  Needless to say, this has been a huge blessing for us and the patients who visit us.

One of these patients is Pedro from a small community called Xejox, about 3 hours from Chichi.  Pedro suffered a dibilitating disease which left him paralyzed in bed for quite some time, but gracias a Dios, he began to regain his strength over time.  Enough so, that now he is able to walk, but with a foot drop.  This makes walking very slow and difficult.  In speaking with Jennifer we learned that ASELSI brings in an orthotics tech and we scheduled Pedro an appointment.  He received them last week!  Pray that he continues to get accustomed to the new orthotics and that they assist him with his mobility.  For those that have been to Xejox, it is all mountain (of which he lives close to the bottom) so being able to walk better will truly improve his life.  Here are some pics of Pedro.

This is the path to his house - just keep going down.  Lisa can testify-- you have to walk back up too!

We praise God for servant men like Pedro.  Although, it is very difficult for him to walk around and he is unable to work in the fields, he dedicates his time to serving the families of ABC as a coordinator for the program.

Another great story is the story of Jacqueline.  We have know Jacqueline now for over 6 years.  She is part of the family who lives next to the clinic.  Jacqueline has hip dysplagia, thus she has one leg longer than the other.  Through contacts with Jennifer, we have found that another mission organization in Chichi--Manos de Jesus is able to construct special shoes to assist people with leg length discrepancies.  

We are thankful to have access to such specialized services right here in Chichicastenango and pray that God guides us all as we serve him here.

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