Tuesday, September 3, 2013

We are down at Clinica Ezell in the Montellano. Normally is is hot and humid, but it's been just humid thanks to a storm system. We are excited to be here to see old friends and meet some new ones like Cary and Rita Sills. They recently sold everything and moved to Guatemala and are busy learning language in Antigua.  This week we are taking advantage of Cary's programing skills to work on building a database system for the ABC program. Now that we have over 700 kids in the program, we are feeling the urgent need to manage data better and be able to update files both here at the different work sites and for the ABC staff in the States. Technology does have it's blessings!
Cary and Rita Sills--wild adventurers.  Just ask them where all they have visited on their motor scooter!

Cary looks skeptical as Kemmel describes what we would like to do with the data.
Meeting of the ABC minds.  Cary, Luis, Julie, Carolina, Violeta, Alex and Kemmel

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