Wednesday, September 4, 2013

New Territory

We had clinic out in the town of Chicua II today.  Our new brother in Christ, Manuel is on the town counsel and has wanted us to come out and use the clinic/hospital facility that they have in their town, which has been sitting empty for several years.  After several dry runs due to competing activities we finally had a decent showing of patients.  We suspect there will be more in the future as there was a school meeting today and continued murmurings of unrest regarding the sacking of the mayor in Chichi.  Apparently people are leery of walking around town when manifestations are forming for fear of being forced into joining the crowd of protesters.  But we did have a nice group of patients including one of my regulars from Clinica Caris who lives out there.
We are praying for this clinic to grow and for our presence to be well accepted so that we will have more opportunities to visit and share the gospel with folks in the area. 

Lisa and Kemmel with long time Caris patient, Maria.  We are now in her town - nice..

Sandra and Maria setting up dental extraction area

Marcos and Martina ready for cleanings and dental restoration

Sheri in one of the equipped clinic rooms

Manuel, Ceci and Cesar prepping for vitals, lab and pharmacy.  Cesar was our radio announcement writer today..

Manuel, new brother in Christ and community leader.  We were also hosted by 2 ladies from the women's committee.  Very helpful and great hosts and extremely interested in what can happen in the future.


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