Thursday, May 30, 2013

Home is Where the Heart Is

Our Medical Evangelism Training students are officially tucked into their new host familes.  Here are some shots from the drop-off day.  These familes sure know how to make people feel at home.  They do the "practice hospitality" thing like pros!

Jonathan will be with Carlos and Marina.  Belinda was anxious to welcome him!  They have a baby brother named Jonathan, too. 

Amanda at Juan and Lucia's house after a welcome hug from sister Carla. On of the little boys nearby asked Amanda her name, and with all seriousness said, " What a pretty name!"

Maggy at Manuel and Juana's house with Roxana and Sara to show her around. 

Weston is staying with Jeronimo and Juana--last year Easton stayed with them.  Get it?  Weston and Easton?

Brittney at Sebastian and Dominga's house--she gets the luxury new mattress and box spring! 

Carli at Tomas and Juana's house.  They even have a guitar for her to play!


Sheri said...
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Sheri said...

Great post! We had a good time yesterday with Weston, Maggy and Brittney! I will post a photo of them today.

Annice Schoen Bumpus said...

Maggie gave me the info to connect to this blog. So nice to have since the only pics we get are from your blogs. Also great to hear how and what they are doing. So glad you are willing to serve and help provide opportunities that allow others to gain experience that are seeking to go into the medical field. Praying for ALL of the MET team daily.