Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Agua Viva - Water of Life - Baptisms in Mactzul I

This week marked the last few days of dry season.  Everything and everybody was restless and anxious for the rain to come.  Before the rains, dust just clings to every surface and the air is heavy with heat and haze. 
Monday started out no different in Mactzul I with bright sun, hot dusty air, but we were all excited because we had come together to witness the baptisms of 10 people.  We began at the building with a worship service and then packed at least 8 pickup trucks full of people to head down the road to the river.  Since it’s the end of dry season, “river” is an overstatement.  But, earlier several of the young folks had gone down and reinforced a little dam to build up the level.
Hop in!
We jumped out of the trucks and gathered along the banks.  The ladies washing clothes on the rocks also glanced over from time to time, and people driving over the bridge would slow down or stop to watch as these 10 new brothers and sisters committed to following Christ in his death, burial and resurrection. 
Gathered at the River in Xalbaquiej
The two elders entered first to pray and then begin their work.  One by one, they received each person, counseled them and baptized them.  The water must have been cool and refreshing on such a hot day!  Six of the 10 were youth from the ABC program. 

That night we had a long, drenching thundershower—such relief! Jesus said that whoever believes in him will have rivers of living water flow from within. (John 7:37-39) What a relief to go from sin and failure to a new life led by God's own Spirit flowing through us like a sparkling river. Thank you Lord!

Getting ready

Alicia Josefina


How beautiful the feet of those that bring good news.

Getting ready to enjoy a meal together--it takes two men to lift this pot of tamalitos off the fire!


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Sheri said...

We rejoiced with the angels! What a wonderful day, watching The Spirit fill these ten young people!