Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Today Kemmel and I and Gaspar and Manuel went out to visit a new brother in Christ (also named Manuel).  He invited us to come see a clinic/hospital building in their community that was built more than 15 years ago and left for the community to use.  Currently, the 14 room, 2-storey structure is only used by the health department once a month to give vaccines.  The town leaders want it to be used and are offering to let us use it for medical/dental clinics free of rent.  We are definitely interested in the offer and had a great talk with Manuel about the possibilities. 

While we were there he introduced us to his friend who is a struggling alcoholic  who would like to learn more about Christ and the Bible.  They asked if it would be possible to have a home visit and invite some other people as well. Manuel  says people keep asking him about his recent conversion and want to know more.   We are so encouraged by this new Christian's understanding of the great worth of the kingdom of heaven.  Just last week he was baptized and is our only contact in that community.  We thought someday we would be able to look at planting a congregation out there after more teaching and training of this new brother,  but already he is thinking of who else he can tell about the good news.  We have a lot to learn from him!

Jesus described the the Kingdom of Heaven being like a mustard seed, the smallest of seeds but it grows to be the largest of the garden plants and has branches big enough for birds to nest in.  Be praying for Manuel and his town and for Gaspar as he goes out next week to visit and teach the good news to people who need to nest in the Kingdom!

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Sheri said...

Kemmel, I am so thankful that your visit went well today. What an exciting opportunity we may have in this community but even more exciting is that we have a new brother! To God, be all of the glory!