Thursday, April 25, 2013

Faithful Servants

Tomas and Cesar (l-r) promoting clean water and good health in La Palma
This is Tomas and Cesar after delivering water filter replacements (Onil Water Filter from Helps International) to the ABC families out in La Palma.  They reportedly hiked "all over creation" to get it done.  One house was an hour's climb from the road and I guess Tomas either volunteered or lost out on that one (he should have played his seniority card if you ask me)!  But the familes are doing well and for the most part keeping the filters clean.  Several have fashioned plastic capes to cover their filters because there is so much dust in these last weeks of dry season.  Cesar reported that one widow lady had a tiny little house but everything in it was spotless and clean.  Her filter was stained gray on the outside from the kitchen smoke but spic and span inside.  Another widow lady who worked all  day outside of the home was not taking care of her filter, so Cesar sat and talked to her about the situation.  Then he helped her take it apart and clean it and reassemble it with the replacement.  I think he was touched by the difficulties he saw in her life. 

These are just two of our wonderful and dedicated staff and we thank God for letting us be a part of this team!

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