Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Missionary Journeys

We spend a lot of our time working with 22 communities (most within a 1-hr. radius from our home), offering medical and dental services through the local churches. This opens doors for future prayer and counseling and home visitation and evangelism. But sometimes we get to take part in new outreach clinics and visitation/encouragement in new areas. This last week we added two new clinics to our schedule and had good turnout and reception from the community. We also joined forces with a group of leaders from local churches who are evangelizing an area in the Department of Baja Verapaz about 4 hours from here. There are several new Christians in the area and these leaders are working to help them organize their worship services and teach Bible. This is an area that we hope to expand to in the future, so they may be clinic ministry partners one day. These same church leaders will be heading out to Las Cuevas this month to help out with a community-wide worship service that the town council asked the church there to host, to give thanks to God for many blessings they have had this year in their town.  It's great to be co-missionaries with these faithful brothers!  Here are some pictures of the trip to Baja Verapaz and Joyabaj areas they visited.
Meeting and praying with the church in Cubulco, Baja Verapaz

New church building in Cubulco

"The Church of Christ Meets Here"  Xepepen, Joyabaj, El Quiche
Xepepen members at the Bible class

How beautiful the feet...

Fellowship time in Xepepen

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