Friday, March 8, 2013

Happy International Women's Day

Around the world Today is recognized as International Women's Day.  I'm not sure I take time often enough to be thankful for the liberties I have enjoyed as an American women from a Christian family married to a faithful Christian man.  But today in clinic I sat with a patient who always brings her kids for sick visits and even well-checks.  She is not a Christian, but told me today how much appreciated the clinic and the church for opening its doors, and has often wanted to come to worship services.  However, her in-laws (who are tradtional Mayan worshipers) made it clear that she could pack her bags and leave (without her children) if she dared to do so.  I felt so sad for her as we prayed together.  She said she prays to God every day and knows that he hears her. I told her I would pray for her and her family, that one day she would feel free to follow Christ. 
So today I am thankful to God for my life and for permitting me to enjoy freedom to learn, worship, marry whom I pleased and speak my mind.  And I pray that I don't take it for granted especially when working with women that don't enjoy these freedoms.
Some of the wonderful ladies we get to work with (L-R Sheri, Maria, Cecibel, Me, Maury)

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