Thursday, February 21, 2013

Women's Health

One of our clinical focuses in our ministry is Women's Health.  In Guatemala, the overall health of women can be negatively affected by numerous factors: chronic malnutrition, illiteracy, young age of first sexual activity, high childbirth rates, high maternal mortality rates and high cervical cancer rates. Here is a list of services that Health Talents offers.  Currently our staff serves in over 30 communities through local churches, in addition to our central base clinics, Clinica Caris and Clinica Ezell. Our hope is to continue expanding in the future.  If you would like to contribute to this work, just click on DONATE and it will take you to the Health Talents International donations form.  Thank you!

Medical consults  (Mobile community clinics, Clinica Caris, Clinica Ezell)
General medicine
Pap smears and GYN consults
Prenatal care

Dental Services (Mobile community clinics, Clinica Caris, Clinica Ezell)
General consults
Teeth cleaning
Dental prosthetics

Bible Seminars for Women

Community Education Program
Bible study classes
Mental/Emotional Health
Sex Education/Abuse Prevention
Prenatal education (Nutrition, Warning signs/Emergency planning, Breast Feeding)
Family Planning
Dental Hygeine

Gynecological surgery at Clinica Ezell
Fully equipped surgical facility and volunteer GYN specialists from the U.S.

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